Naboo Government Update & News

GNN Reporter Dometa Jo, was in secret, asked to document her visit on The World of Naboo. Visiting the newly built and renovated Embassy of Lake Retreat.
GNN Reporter Dometa Jo

With the current blockade in effect. All traffic in and out of Naboo is being monitored and unauthorized guests are being asked to visit Rori and register with a representative from The Naboo Government there, which is Senator Micah and The Princess of Naboo. Or ask a local government agent of Rori on how to contact someone from The Naboo Government.

These new protocols is said to strengthen the security and defense of The Naboo System. The Queen spoke through secured comms to the reporter. As she was unavailable for a face to face meeting.

” The Naboo Government in cooperation with our GunGan allies. Have been able to increase security, monitor activity in and out of Naboo Space, and authorized or not authorize ships from entering The Naboo System, not including The Moon of Rori which is a separate government not affiliated with The Naboo Government. We will continue to help our neighbors of Rori and continue forward in restoration efforts. The New Embassy at Lake Retreat will only be used by the locals, including The GunGans.

The Naboo Government and its people ask that all respect our space and give us time to restore ourselves to full production. We want to offer a great Naboo to return to. It will take time but the people of Naboo are united and stronger than ever. Shipments will continue to and from The Naboo System that are authorized by The Naboo Government. And after much legislation and debate, the naboo government has rolled out aid relief to victims and the poor, who were most effected by the recent events. Housing, food, clothing, and other necessities are being provided for, for those unable to provide for themselves during this transition.

Refineries are running once more at full capacity and we have restored 90 percent of the damaged crops, on the world of Naboo. In the coming days I will pass, with the governments help a health care initiative. That provides free medical benefits to low-income citizens of Naboo. All of this is being provided for by the tax dollars as well as the royal treasury and the rich of Naboo providing aid in the restoration and renovations taken place, on Naboo.

Long Live The People of Naboo”

After the transmission from Queen Sunamoon of Naboo, the reporter is met by Queen Abubu’Lanas. Her guards standby the entrance to the balcony.
Queen Abubu'Lanas

The Queen informs the reporter, that at this current time. The GunGan people have been working with the researchers and engineers of Naboo. Creating new defense systems that is built on GunGan technology and technology from the researchers of The Naboo Government. Orbital defense satellites with sophisticated sensors, high yield laser beams. Are being used to protect the many worlds and moons, within the Naboo System of worlds.

An excess of 10,000 star destroyers are said to have finished production, making the fleet of the Naboo government close to 20,000 star-destroyers. This increase and demand was met with the help of Corellian Engineers, sent by the Corellian Governor Kortana Elensar. With new technology and defense. Naboo will be protected from invaders and those who wish to harm the people within the Naboo system. And continue to aid our neighbors on The Moon of Rori, to protect them as well.

The GunGan People are proud of their achievements and aid to The Naboo people. And only hope that together, united, The Naboo System can be safe and prosper to one day reopen to the galaxy once more.


Trials and Tribulations on Susevfi IV

GNN Photo Journalist Dometa Jo, recently visted Susvesfi 4. Hearing about the recent trial proceeding involving a former Republic Senator, being tried in court for various charges. She ran into Senator Nieuwendijk, the representative of the world on The Galactic Senate of The New Republic.

Senator of Susvesfi IV

The senator was asked about her position and how the experience was being in the position she currently resides in. The woman smiles abit as stand tall and confident

,”It is an interesting career path, that is for sure. however, my enjoyment of the job is minor compared to the will of the people of susevfi for myself to represent them in the senate.”

When asked about the civilians of the world she represents, she had this to say,”

“We have a small but diverse group of individuals that have no role within the Jensaarai,the military or the Mandalorian clan. some serve the colony by working in service roles such as upkeep and maintanence of the Temple and various roles with in that scope, some work for Asheeka Labs, as one of susevfi’s main exports is medical equipment and services.”

She did not want to comment on the trial that was taking place, her comment,” According to my oath of office,in terms of representing susevfi, an open legal matter may not be commented on by elected representives of susevfi 4. i must officially state no comment.”
The reporter continued her questiong, getting on to the topic of the senate and the slow down in the senate. ” The senate as it stands right now is indifferent in terms of members showing up for sessions. not the quality of discourse, however increasing the schedule for senators will not be the answer in that regard simply cause it doesn’t solve the issues of attendance and indifference, in fact a more intensive schedule will only further exacerbate attendance and malaise within the body politic.”

With the slow down of Government for The New Republic and The Galactic Senate wanting to meet less, holding more private meetings it seems that this government intends to become. Thus leaving the media out of many important meetings that should be open to the public. With this low down in Government, who knows the effects it will have on The New Republic and its Civilians who rely on their government.

“We have Senators that take on more then thier fair share of work as it stands right now. I point to Senator Shan Connell Le’sanit of Bengat the former Senator Nasaji Oba certainly qualifies. some of us,such as myself are seeking to undertake more.” she waves a hand out gesturing with her speech “In fact our vice-chancellor is an example of a hard working leadership,unlike past Chancellors and Vice-chancellors.” she pauses “However, then there is a portion of senators that certainly do not wish to take on more drudgery then wearing finery and voting in offical meetings. All a heaviver schedule will do is increase the amount of work on the Senators and the VC that are active and increase the lack of participation from other elected officials.”

“The voters are allowed to have their concerns with how the Senate is being ran and how the work of the Republic is undertaken, however the Senators that are active and Madame Darkmoon are doing everything they can to do the best for our cictizens. however if there are concerns in certain systems, I would say that the citizens should hold their senators under account.”

When asking about the chancellor, she had some rather interesting words to say, as well as a few opinions of her own.

“I’ve not heard any news about chancellor downz and on the record I am not a supporter of his as I feel that his political career prior to elected office and while in the position of Chancellor has been highly dubious to be polite.” she sniffs “However, as to why Mandame darkmoon is fufilling her oath of office she took on once chosen to be the vice-chancellor. And I have high confidence in her job since undertaking the active chancellorship. however as to elections, I’m un sure if their are candidates other then Madame Darkmoon that have stood up for elections.”

It seems that The Vice Chancellor of The Galactic Senate has been fufilling her position, and impressing some of the senators in the senate. GNN will continue to cover the Link of Tython trial on Susevfi IV, as the updates come in. Continue to watch GNN for the latest in the news.

Im not dead yet.

Hey everyone,

I am not dead yet. I have been away dealing with family matters. Burying loved ones can be a hard task to do for my family. But these are things we must do to move forward. And I must be the one to stand strong.

I am not dead yet so I still have my little box to express my opinions on what is happening in the galaxy today. First topic I want to point out is Rakiko Lowtides latest article on GNN about The Hapens Consortium.

Picture Taken By Daana Kira

I am amazed by this culture as I have heard stories in the past about them. My own mother a royal of Hapen. My father of Mandolorian blood, their own cultures clashed against each other. They were enemies for the longest until love took them and created me, my sisters, and my now fallen brother.

I have not heard from my mothers people in such a long time I find it curious they make an appearance. If I had the time I would sit down and meet with these woman. Wanting to know more about where my mother came from and a past yet unraveled.

Former Gov of Tython, slips into a coma.

Former Gov of Tython, critical situation

I received news about my sister’s condition on Tython, during a visit on Manaan. She has slipped into a coma after loosing her child in a miscarriage. I flew straight there and am with her now as she is comatose from the loss of so much blood. I can only hope she wakes up.

I tried to contact my mother but she is not reachable as she has mysterious dissappeared from Tython. Her whereabouts are unknown at this time and no foul play seems to have happened in this situation. Master Saritha, a councilwoman of NJO does know that master paramour informed her briefly about leaving for a period of time to deal with things.

I only hope things get better for my family and we are able to pull through with this. I am praying to the force and hoping that my sister an my mother are both ok. Being in an undisclosed location so the the family can be with my sister is depressing but it is what must me done during this time.

Thank you to all who have given your sympathy. It is most appreciated and I am honored to have your sympathy in this time of need. May everyone be blessed and rejoice in the life we have left here in the galaxy.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

A Very Tython Christmas


Its the holiday season again. Yet this year it ends on a sad note. I have left SWRP SL and dont have any plans on returning anytime soon. Having to deal with a funeral ontop of many other emmotional ,physical, and financial issues has brought me to a really bad place. I need time to sort my life out and find my way back to be self sufficient again.

There are many who know me and know my characters Dometa. Bebe, and Master Paramour. Many I have met throughout my time on SWRP SL. This is not a goodbye but a see you later. Continue to enjoy the greatest community on Secondlife. For together we stand united at making this community even greater then it is now.

Thank you all for the great times. I shall always remember them.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Character Spotlight: Lady Malice

Beautiful scene of the citadel

On Byss, I got the chance to meet a rather interesting character. Her name is Lady Malice, a new initiate into the byss sith academy. She agreed to do the interview, this is what followed.

new initiate of byss sith academy

I began this interview by asking her a few questions about herself. She, was born on Dromund Kass. Her parents, living there for many years, were not native to the region. Her family originating from the world of Naboo.
This young enthusiastic initiate is hoping that the order here on Byss will see her worthy enough to rise in the ranks. For she has aspirations to becoming a mentor and master in the order. Hoping that once she reaches the status of Darth, she can implement her wisdom and teachings to future sith initiates

Lady Malice has a great interest in History, as it has become her passion ever since she was young. As she then went on to share a story about her younger years, running around the city of Kaas. Books and holo novels being her only real comfort during those times.

When she was older, Lady Malice decided to leave her home and set out forth into the galaxy, on her own pilgrimage. Having the opportunity and privileged of studying ancient archeological sights. Thus, further further enhancing her passion of history and the lessons of the past.
She continue by saying that she had studied on many worlds and places in the galaxy. Malachor V, which she is amazed is still holding together. Her time on Korriban, spent in ancient tombs. On Rhelg, studying the ancient ruins of Ludo Kressh’s stronghold. And many other places like Dxun, Naboo, and the desert wastelands of Tatooine. Though she says admittedly that, “there is not much there.”

“One’s journey of knowledge is never finished and the planets which contain boundless information are still out there. One can only hope to see half of it in a lifetime. My passion for such knowledge will never diminish.” she says.

Thanks to Lady Malice for allowing me to do this interview with her.

-Dometa Jo

My visit To The Empire

Byss 247 ABY ((Dec 07,2011))

It had been a long time, since I had visited this place.  This place… that my mother told me not to ever visit.  Stories she told me, of things happening on Byss that scared me to my core.  As a child I was afraid of many things.  Luckily for me, I found balance through the ways of the force. 

Being a former Jedi taught me alot about myself and the world around me.

I may no longer be a Jedi, more neutral then anything.  I love talking with people on both sides of the lines. 

This is why I payed a visit to byss. 

To try and speak with the man himself, his majesty the emperor of byss.

Darth Novo.

Of course, he was busy at that moment.  I waited outside the bridge, leading to the enclave. Taking out my datapad and studying the ancient artifact that seemed to have been damaged.  Ever since I was a young girl, I loved to do research on old relics of the past. 

History was always one of my favorite subjects.

Analyzing the Artifact on Byss
This object intrigues me even now, as I wait for the words on the go ahead to speak with the emperor.  I can only imagine what it will be like to finally meet him.

Exclusive Interview with: The Eternity Fleet

This is GNN Freelance Journalist, Dometa Jo, reporting to you live on the New Space Station HQ for The Eternity Fleet. I had a chance to speak to the leader and another officer of this newly created Fleet. That is causing all kinds of buzz within The Republic.

On Bespin, a newly constructed station can be seen orbiting The City of New Tibannopolis, on Bespin. I arrived through a shuttle bay, being introduced by a man that called himself, The Admiral of The Eternity Fleet.

The Eternity Fleet Admiral

“Thank you for letting me do an interview.” The admiral waves his hand and says,” No problem.” She smiles then and takes out her Datapad, as she begins to tap the pad, and talk at the same time.

” Can you please state your name for me?” He nods to this and clears his throat. ” My name is Xzhar Seatreader, I am the leader of The Eternity Fleet.” She nods to this, smiling up from her Datapad. ” Thank you. Now, Can you tell me alittle about yourself, sir?”

He nods again, returning the smile to the reporter,” smiles, “I was born on Taris and lived there till I was six. My parents were murdered and a friend helped me stow away on a ship headed for Bespin. From there, Rhialto Tereshchenko took me in and taught me how to fly. Eventually I grew in favor and started to amass a fleet of freighters. Events turned south for me and I fled Bespin, traveling the galaxy for a few years and ended up on Yavin where I trained to be a Jedi. Then i returned to the fleet and added some new warships. Which has lead me to being the position I currently am in.”

She nods as she continues to tap her Datapad, grinning as she was getting into the interview. ” Wow, sounds like you’ve been a busy guy. Can you tell the viewers about who The Eternity Fleet are?” He nods his head,” Yes I can. The Eternity Fleet is a fleet of over 60 plus different classes of ships that are under my command. We do everything from Trading to intelligence collection, scientific missions, and, if the occasion calls for it, we have the capability to fight to protect ourselves and our allies and friends.”

She nods at this,” Wow, that is a rather large fleet. But what is the purpose of the fleet? Whom are the fleet’s allies?” He nods and answers the interviews question, grinning,” “Well we started out as simply a shipping and trade group, just running freighters between systems. But, as tensions rose shortly before the battle of Yavin, we added several warships to our numbers. We do just about everything from scientific research to relief to defense.”

The admiral then motions to himself, with his hand,” Due to my background as a Jedi, we are allied with the Kalway Order on Yavin and we have a small alliance with Tython. But as of yet we haven’t made very many alliances. We just started to get a need for them so I haven’t quite had the time to go out and work on it yet. I have been kept very busy as of late. Eventually though, I would like to form an alliance with the republic.”

She nods at what he says, ” You say you wish to form an alliance with the republic? What sort of plans do you have if the republic accepts you into the fleet?” He reply’s back, his voice leveled and calm,” The plan would be to ally with them rather than simply integrated into their fleet. This would mean that, just like our other allies, should they call for our assistance, we will be ready and willing to respond.”

She nods once more,” Very interesting. You said earlier that your fleet is involved in scientific research. Do you mind explaining to the public about what sort of research?” He nods, his eyes showing a serious look now. ” Well at the moment we are working on power generation and Botany. Some of our more sensitive research is kept secret though.”

She looks up from her data pad, an eyebrow raised,” Sensitive research? Kind of sounds like The Eternity Fleet is hiding something. Are you sir?” A smile, spreads across the Admiral’s face,” smiles, “Not at all. when I say sensitive research I am referring to things of a more sensitive nature that we wouldn’t want just anybody to know, such as advances in shield design and things of that nature.”

She nods, looking back at her Datapad and tapping the screen once more.” Interesting. How many people are right now with the eternity fleet. Over 60 some odd ships must have a rather large company to handle these ships.” He nods at this and says,” We have quite a large crew. I think the count at this point is 256, right Cygnus?”

Admiral and Colonel Cygnus Vanusk, head of security and ground operations.

A man then appears out of thin air, using some sort of cloaking device to hide him. She looks at the man and smiles,” Hello there sir. And who might you be?” The man speaks first to the admiral, his voice very masculine and strong. He taps on his DataBand a few times as he says,”257 now, sir. And my name is Colonel Cygnus Vanusk, Head of Security and Ground Operations.

Her eyes go wide, impressed as she continues,” That is quite the company. ” she taps her Datapad and then turns it off, pocketing it,” Well I believe this concludes the interview. Thank you gentlemen for your time. And thank you for allowing me to interview you.”
They both nod at the same time, thanking her as she waves goodbye to them, returning to her vessel.

The Eternity Fleet, seems to be a new force in the galaxy. With their massive fleet and members, The Republic may want to consider these people allies to The Republic. Only time can tell when the senate will vote on this new fleet, as allies of The New Republic.

Be safe and know the flow as you go.

The Exile of Bakura Speaks

Good evening everyone out there in the galaxy.

On Tython, interviewing.

This is GNN Freelance Journalist, Dometa Jo. I am here on Tython, after receiving communications from my sister. I arrived on this world a few days later. To discover my sisters hair alot longer and a change in her I had not seen, in quite some time.

Adviser to The Senator of Tython

Things had happened to her, which was understandable with all the drama within our own family. But she stands there tall in a green peacock gown. Probably a gift from our mother, Lady Paramour. I give her a hug and take out my mic, getting to work right away as I begin to ask her questions.

” This is Dometa Jo, coming to you live from Tython. I am here with Tython Representative and Advisor to the Senator of Tython, Bebe Benae. Thank you Madam Advisor for taking this interview, today.”

Bebe nods and smiles at the other woman,” It is a pleasure as always to speak to the press.” Dometa nods and continues with the interview,” Now, alot has happened since last you were interviewed.
Could you care to give the public an update on what is going on with the diplomat these days?”

Bebe smiles and nods her head, pushing back a strand of White blonde hair, ” Yes of course. Well I can start off by saying, that I am no longer Ambassador of Bothawui. With the government of Bothawui becoming corrupt and my leaving of the planet. Much has changed. I am fearful for what may happen there but I wish the people of Bothawui the best and hope they can recover from the current situation with Bothan politics.”

Bebe sighs, closing her eyes as if in thought for a moment. I stand there, holding my microphone as she continues with her story. ” I am now on Tython. With a new job as the senator of Tythons, Adviser for The Galactic Senate. The job has kept me busy and focused on continuing my efforts in the political arena. I have received several death threats with this new position I have. It is frustrating at times to deal with the hate I get from other people. But like my mother lady paramour always told me. Hold onto what you believe in. And to hell with those that say your wrong.”

” But that is the life of politics. You win some and you lose some. Being on tython has opened up my eyes alot. I have gotten closer to my family and have strengthened my spirit. Which is why I am officially announcing to the public that I, Bebe Benae, am running for Senator of Bakura.”

Dometa smiles and says,” But there is something else about this election that others are not aware about, right?” Bebe then sighs at this, her eyes looking sad. “Yes” she says,” It seems that I have been exiled from my former home of Bakura. I had lived there with my mother and our family back in the day of the monarchy of Ma’at. I believe this is an attack on not only my family but also to stop me from running.”

Dometa’s eyes go wide at hearing this, her hand going to her mouth in shock. ” Oh my… that is horrible. This also means that someone who is also apart of the press will be kept out as well.” Bebe nods and places her hands on her sisters leg,” It would seem the woman of our family are being targeted. It is a shame but it is the truth.”

Dometa sighs and shakes her head, ” What do you believe about this unfair exiling?” Bebe sighs and rolls her eyes, chuckling,” The people of Bakura must understand that my exiling is an abrogation of the democratic principles of the republic. I also believe that a military officer shouldn’t be in the senate. And that he has not been opposed for this election just shows that this general is a fascist and tyrant in his mission to have power over the people.”

Bebe shakes her head, as she motions with her hands as she speaks,” The people of Bakura deserve someone who can truly represent the voice of the people. Someone who has known them and has helped them in their time of need. I Bebe Benae, plan to continue my campaign for Senator of Bakura. I will not be shut out. It is my right as a citizen of Bakura to do as such. And it is the will and heart of the people that I carry within me that I will serve proudly and honorably as their Senator of Bakura. For the people deserve to be heard and will be with my help.”

Dometa jo smiles and says,” Thank you for speaking with me today Bebe. I hope that your situation improves. For I can feel that you truely are passionate about your work. Thank you again for speaking with me.”

She smiles and bows,” Long live the Republic.”

Bebe Benae, On Tython.

Coming up next: An interview with The Eternity Fleet. Keep checking back for more!

Crisis on Jasier

This is Dometa Jo with Galactic News.

Forces trying to get into the bunker
I happened to be visiting Jasier, going to visit my adoptive mother when I noticed a strange situation happening about my eyes. It seems that NTF, DOR, and what looked like Mandolorian Clan Fett, starting an incident that left Queen Ankara of Jasier unconscious and her children and their guardian evacuating into a secure bunker.

On Jasier
The scene then begins to turn ugly as this nico fett man begins to send his troops to attack the bunker. After a few moments, the door smashes open and the guardian of the children is taken down. But all of a sudden, a comm can be overhead coming off of the speakers of the attackers. From what I could hear, it seemed Tetan Ships had arrived over orbit of Jasier.

The DOR soldiers then began to evacuate Jasier, telling their forces to pull out. Running scared with their tails between their legs, they began to leave the area, running away as Tetan Forces began to close in. Leaving the queen on the ground, unconscious, and her children shocked.

Soon Tetan forces came and medi-evac’d ankara and her children to the beautiful world of Kathalon, capital of the Tetan Empire. There I got to speak with one of those that were present on the planet during the incident. This is the interview that follows.

During an interview
Dometa Jo: nods, and speaks into her microphone as she begins her interview,” This is dometa jo, here on Kathalon with…” she says, waiting for the man to say his name.

Ithoros Imari looks up. “Ithoros, of Clan Imari. We hold a hired muscle contract her with the Tetans, hence our clearance here. We’re not apart of the military, we’re simply mercenaries and hunters, making a living for credits. What you witnessed earlier, was a grave Mandalorian situation…..”

Dometa Jo: nods,” Please go on. Tell me what transpired on Jasier?”

Ithoros Imari nods. “Clan Imari held an alliance with Clan Fett, although after today, I do not know what Nico Fett’s actions will drive him to do. It begins with Ankara. She was branded dar’manda.” The man fixes his visor on the reporter. “It is a very nasty punishment in our culture, and the other clans felt Ankara was worthy of such punishment. She’s lucky, usually it follows a shooting. As for the events, Nico Fett came forth to claim his children, but unfortunately, it resulted in the conflict you saw, with SITH from DOR running to Nico’s aid against Ankara, who’s now resting in the Tetan Palace ER.”

Dometa Jo: nods,” I cannot believe her ex husband would do such a thing. And it seems that these sith were inevitably DOR. I also noticed that the NTF were also around during the incident, were both of these factions involved?”

Ithoros Imari nods. “Apparently they came to Nico’s aid, to pull the children away from Ankara under the impression Ankara was brainwashing them against Nico.” Pulls out a full holorecording of the Sith plotting to use and turn Nico’s own children into Sith.

Dometa Jo: puts her hand to her mouth as she sees the recording,” Oh my dear, that is aweful. What do these sith want with the children. Why are they so important to the sith?”

Ithoros Imari shrugs. “Seems they just want to twist the children, I tried giving this actual recording to Nico, but he hasn’t listened. I have no idea what direction he will take now, but Ankara’s safety as well as the children’s is the issue at the moment. I do not intervene to take Nico’s side, or Ankara’s side, I intervene on this matter, for the safety of the children.”

Dometa Jo: nods as she shakes her head,” This is a horrible incident. What will be done with the family? And what will the tetan empire do about this incident on Jasier?”

Ithoros Imari shrugs. “I have no idea how the Tetan stance will react to this, but I know Clan Imari’s stance. We’ll take in Ankara and her children until Ankara’s healed, then she’ll most likely be shuffled among safe houses in the Tetan domain, or elsewhere. It’s the least Clan Imari can do.”

Dometa Jo: nods,” Thank you sir for your time. I do appreciate you speaking to me today. “

How will the Tetan Empire react to the NTF, DOR, and Clan Fett’s action’s on Jasier, we will just have to wait and see.

This is Dometa Jo with GNN News. Goodnight and godbless.

Heavy Thinkage

This is Dometa Joe, freelance investigative news journalist for GNN,

Much has happened lately in the news and I feel it is my solemn duty to give the people my perspective on the events that have occurred recently in the galaxy. Things that have even turned my stomach sour because of the vile, corruption abroad in the universe.

The republic has suffered a major loss because of the grand chancellor’s kidnapping. I wish to interview the galactic senate members and their feelings about the current issues facing the republic and the galaxy abroad. Hopefully they will grant me this honor.

I hope the republic tries to find a democratic way of having the chancellor returned back to safety. As I to believe that this move by Byss may lead to nothing but more war. I urge the people of Byss to return the grand chancellor. There is no need for this, as the chancellor would never do as you have charged her on.

I hope to be able to speak with the emperor soon and his hands. As I would love to have an interview with them. I am going to have ongoing discussions because the people deserve to know what the emperor is up to.

I am excited for the interview I helped Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide with on Jasier. The people of Jasier are kind but strong people. Looking to defend their home from anyone who would be hostile toward them and try to hurt the people of Jasier. I live there currently, as I am a former Padawan to Lady Paramour.

You see, I found her brother, Master Delacour. I found him in the slums of taris, he was ragged and barely clothed. But he had survived all this time. It seems that lady paramours father had been an engineer, specializing in spaceship design.

From what I know of my old master is that her world was devoured by an evil that called itself good, a sith lord whos name is not spoken. He devoured the planet, feeding on the life source of the people.

Maybe it was because the planet’s native beings, having a sort of telepathic bond with the planet. I have been studying her culture for years as she has told me much about her past. For a woman who has been here since the old republic time, she sure has held up. I guess being a Gia’n has its perks.

With the knowledge my master bestowed upon me, I used it to convince Master Delacour to give up the darkside and return back to his mother. It was my last mission to her before we lost communication two human years ago.

On a sadder note, King Shar was found dead after an Assasination Attempt on the princess of Jasier’s life. Witnesses say that the attacker was a mandolorian from clan Kata. The former residents of Rhen Var continue to have more trouble as the paradise in Jasier, may come to an end. As the galaxy is on the brink of war yet again, the faith of all is unsure.

I spoke more with Lady Paramour about her leaving of OWJ to be the senator of bothawui. She stated that the government was right now possible electing both a bothan and a non bothan as senator. For she believes that on a more unified front, they can be strong.

“Two heads are better then one.” she said, jokingly in an office, in the government building. Looking cheery and in a good mood.

So much is going on now, as her brother returned to become the grandmaster of OWJ. She believed him to be able to run the order in her stead. As she said that, ” I have more pressing matters to attend to,as I now am helping the people of Bothawui. Honoring me with accepting my support.”

It amazes me how so much has changed. I hope that it is for the better.

This is Dometa Jo, saying good bye and bless you all.

Ðometa Jo
Freelance Investigative Journalist.

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